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Welcome to HFS!

Here at HFS we have a big passion for textiles!

The historical fabric store is a small company in Sweden. Our goal is to share our joy with you of costume making and love of natural materials, by providing a wide range of good quality fabrics for costumes from prehistoric times to 19th century but also modern clothing in sustainable materials. We do a huge amount of research and work our way through piles of swatches to find the best suitable fabrics for historical garments. Our vision is to provide quality before quantity and for this reason we reject a lot of new fabrics that after testing doesn´t match our material and/or historical standards. We do also want to keep different price ranges so there is something for everyone.

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Happy sewing!
green linen

The freja stays

New sewing pattern

The Freja stays is a late 18th century sewing pattern (around 1780s) that can be made with or without the front lacing. I wanted the stays to fit as many as possible so I have made all the sizes from 32 up to 62! The pattern comes with a pamplet with instructions on how to alter the patterns to fit your body and sewing instructions on how to make them.

Easy and fast download with both A4 and A3 printing options.

mönster framsida stays- sista.jpg
pink 18th century stays