Here at HFS we have a big passion for textiles!

Here at HFS we hope to share our joy of costume making

with you by providing a wide range of good quality fabrics.

We do a huge amount of research and work our way

through piles of swatches to find the best for you.
Our vision is to provide quality before quantity and for this
reason we reject a lot of new fabrics that after testing doesn´t match our material and/or historical standards. We do also want to keep different price ranges so there is something for everyone.

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IMPORTANT! To customers in United Kingdom:

Due to new brexit rules we will have to put a minimum order value of 135gbp until we have sorted out how to manage the VAT payments. This will not affect northern Irland. We are sorry about this and hope we can sort it out in the future.

wool twill, ullkypert
vadmal, broadcloth
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The historical fabric store is a Swedish shop  with that specialize in historical textiles and supplies. We ship all over the world and also sell on markets.
Looking for something? Please write to us.
The historical fabric store
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HFS is a  web based shop but its possible to visit our studio here on the countryside. Please book your visit!

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