Plain cotton

We have several kinds of cotton for different kinds of historical underwear and scarfs. If you are unsure about the diffferent kinds, please order the samples here.

Cotton types from thinest to heaviest:

Gause- Also known as cheese cloth. Can be used instead of muslin and is sometimes used as a thin lining in 19th century bodice collars or other parts.

Muslin - Thin fluffy soft fabric suitable for scarfs, thin skirts/dresses and aprons. (In some places muslin refers to plain cotton calico).

Voile- As thin as muslin but tighter weave that makes if slightly stiffer.

Batist- A thin cotton lawn that is slightly less seethrough than Voile and Muslin.

Plain cotton lawn - suitable for underdresses, shirts, lining etc. We have one standard kind (plain) and one stiffer kind (fine)

Twill - Strong cotton drill that is suitable for corsets, pants, linings etc.