Starting with the early years of Victoria's reign, this essential book examines the developments and evolution of fashionable dress as it progressed throughout her six decades as queen. From the demure styles of the 1840s to the exaggerated sleeves of the 1890s, it explores the ever-changing Victorian silhouette, and gives patterns, instructions and advice so that the amateur dressmaker can create their own versions of these historic outfits.


  • General advice on recreating historic dress, information on tools and equipment and a guide to transferring pattern pieces
  • Importance of foundation wear, with a concise guide to the various layers of Victorian underwear
  • Seven main project chapters, each starting with an overview of the main fashions characteristic to that style of dress
  • Step-by-step instructions and photographs to constructing the patterns, with additional advice and information on how to personalize the outfit
  • Illustrations of fashion plates, Victorian carte de visite photographs and original surviving garments provide visual inspiration and reference


By: Heather Audin

Published: 18/12/2015

Pages: 144

Binding: Paperback

Size: 297x210 mm

Making victorian costumes for women

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