Wool detergeant for wool and silk fabrics. Eco cert and vegan.

For hand and machine washing up to 40 °C. The valuable olive oil is the best base for a mild and hudratating soap. It is very suitable for washing sensetive wool and silk textiles.

Small 120m


Application / Dosage: 

4.5 kg washing machine:
Hardness ranges soft and medium: 60 ml

Hardness range hard: 90 ml
Fill into the detergent compartment of the washing machine. Do not squirt concentrated washing liquid onto the dry laundry. Doing so might discolour delicate fabrics. 
1 litre of Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk is sufficient for 17 loads of washing of approx. 2.5 kg each, in the hardness ranges soft and medium. 
Down jackets and pillows:
Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk is quite well tolerated by down. Note: Whilst drying, down must be continually moved in order not to stick together.
 Unless otherwise indicated, please proceed in the following way: 
  • Select gentle wash cycle (30 °C)
  • Use Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk without softener
  • Add extra rinsing cycle
  • Spin very gently only
  • Tumble-dry small load at low temperature
  • Important: Keep shaking the downs every now and then when drying them on a washing line.
Manual washing: 

Add 15–30 ml per approx. 5 litres of water to the running water, and then place the garments into it. Move very gently only. Rinsing water and wash water should be of similar temperature in order to prevent temperature shock.

Sonett Laundry Rinse: Fill into the softener compartment; revivifies the brightness of delicate colours, helps to rinse out detergent residue more thoroughly, and smoothes fibres.

Product declaration:

Soap from olive oil, certified organic / biodynamic cultivation 15–30% 

Sugar surfactant 5–15%

Soap from rapeseed oil / sunflower oil, certified organically grown 1–5%

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 1–5%
Citrate <1%

Essential lavender oil, certified organically grown <1%
Balsamic additives, certified organically grown/collection from wild-growing plants <1% 

Water, swirled up to 100%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004:
Aqua, potassium soap*, alkyl polyglucoside C8–16, alcohol, potassium citrate, perfume* (fragrance), linalool*
*certified organically grown

Vegan Society
Soap made from vegetable oils has one outstanding feature, compared to all the other active washing substances, namely that, right after its use, it reacts chemically with the limescale always present in waste water forming calcium soap, thus neutralising its surfactant effect on aquatic organisms (primary degradation). The calcium soap is then, by microorganisms, 100 % degraded into carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation).  Ethanol is infinitely miscible with water and reintegrates into the natural cycle within a few hours. Despite the fact that during the manufacturing of sugar surfactants, constituents are being extracted from the plant-based raw materials, i.e. starch, sugar, and fat, they remain completely intact in their natural molecular structure. For this reason it is relatively easy for the microorganisms to 100% decompose these surfactants. 
Soap and sugar surfactant are classified as being readily biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.
Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.






Tvättmedel för ylle och sidentyg. Eko-certifierad och vegansk.

För maskin- och handtvätt upp till 40 °C. Den värdefulla olivoljan är den bästa grunden för en mild och återfettande tvål. Den är ytterst  lämplig  för rengöring och vård av känsliga ull- och sidenplagg.
Liten 120ml

Ingredienser: Tvål av olivolja* och rapsolja* / solrosolja*, sockertensid, vegetabilisk alkohol (etanol), citrat, eterisk lavendelolja* (innehåller linalool*), balsamiska tillsatser*, vatten
(*certifierat ekologiskt odlat / vilt växande växter)


Eco friendly Wool detergeant 120ml

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